Review Policy

I am currently accepting books for review.

Books that I’m interested in are:
– Children’s books (especially fairytale retellings)
– YA
– Adult novels
– Science Fiction
– Steam Punk
– Graphic Novels

But I’m open for any kind of book, as long as I’m interested in it. I tell the truth about the books I read, so I’ll also tell it when I don’t like a book. So I can’t guarantee a positive review.


Books I accept
I accept e-ARCs, ARCs and finished copies. I have a Kobo, so I will accept .mobi and .epub files, PDF is a possibility, but only if you don’t have a .mobi or .epub file. You can go to my categories and click on the “rating” categories to see what kind of books I like.


What I don’t accept
Erotica and religious books. I also do not accept audiobooks.

I will still most likely accept your book. Just leave a message at: thebookatlas [at] 🙂


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