Hello! My name is Ilse, I’m 20 years old and live in the little country called the Netherlands, or, like some people like to say: Holland (which is not the name of our country though). I grew up loving books, and then not loving them, but eventually crawling back to them in my Twilight period (uhuh). I’ve always loved words, even when I didn’t read for fun, so it was bound to happen.

Typography, weird Dutch words and Haruki Murakami books are my most favorite things in the world (next to my boyfriend). I own an 8 compartment expedit that’s entirely full of books. And in the future I would love to fill a whole wall of books (and look like I’m really smart) in my home and have typography references everywhere. Oh, and work at a publisher as cover designer.

My favorite reading spots are my bed, against a tree or against my boyfriend.

Have fun reading! 🙂


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