Shadow and Bone – Leigh Bardugo

My video review of this book is at the bottom of this post.
Shadow and bone is about a girl called Alina and you could also say about the boy she grew up with who is called Mal. Alina is an assistant of a mapmaker and Mal is a tracker.
In this book there are people called grisha, which are people that have special powers. And at one point of the story Alina finds out that she has a power no one else has, and maybe she could save Ravka (the country she lives in). This story is set in Ravka, which has something of Russia.
At the beginning of the story they are heading for the Shadow Fold, which is a place that is fully dark, and where volcra lie waiting for people to eat.

I won’t tell you more about this book, because you’ll have to find out what’s going on yourself, otherwise I’d be giving you spoilers (and I know I hate them). But what I have to say is: you need to read this.
Okay, it wasn’t a book with great prose that I wanted to take with me and put on goodreads as my favorite quotes. No, it was not that. But it was the fact that this story is so intriguing! I needed to know what would happen. It’s such an original idea I think, especially because of the shadow fold.

So, now about the characters:
The Darkling was a weird one. It was the guy I knew was a bad guy, but still he had his sweet moments. There were a lot of moments I wanted to kill him, and the one kiss he has? Aaaaahh! It’s so frustrating, and you can probably tell me with whom he’ll kiss. I laughed when I read it, it was totally not sudden, but in that moment, it just wasn’t the right time.
Alina was an unknowing girl who found out she had great powers. And she doesn’t know what to do. I think Bardugo did pretty good on her, but not perfect, even though I don’t even know who a perfect female protagonist is…
And then Mal… I don’t have a lot to say about him. He’s sweet I guess? And he’s a really good tracker, haha!

I did really like this book, but as I said: it wasn’t written with beautiful prose, and I kind of had higher expectations. I didn’t expect this book to be so small and have such a big font. When I thought of a book set in Russia, or something like it, I thought that it would be… more difficult to read I guess. But that’s okay. I still loved this book, just not as much as I’d hoped to.

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads, but my actual rating is 3,5 stars. I will definitely read the next book and the novellas (I really loved the witch of Duva, which is the first novella in this series).


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