Wishlist – Composition No.1

This book is one that I’ve been wanting for a while. After I got Tree of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer, I went on a search for the publisher of that book. The publisher seemed to have more weird books. The one that caught my eye was Composition No.1 by Marc Saporta.

It’s a book, or actually a box, from which you can take the pages and shuffle them into another order. On the back of every page there is a kind of letter landscape. Really something to read on a calm day I guess, something to enjoy. And definitely not a book to read outside in the wind, haha! That’s why I wanted to tell you about this “book”, because it’s just something many people might want, and it has to do with books! Haha. It’s unique and that’s what I love about it. Almost no one will read exactly the same story, and that’s the beauty of it!

Source: visual editions

Oh, and btw… you can also buy this book as an app for your iPad or other mobile device (I don’t know if you can get it for an android device), so that’s pretty cool!


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