Boneshaker by Cherie Priest

Boneshaker (The Clockwork Century, #1)During the Civil War, a man named Leviticus Blue makes this machine that could mine through Alaska’s ice, called the Boneshaker (hence the name of the book). But when they do a test run in Seattle it releases some gas that could turn people into the undead. The people of Seattle build a wall around this area, so that it doesn’t spread into their lives. But when Blue’s son Zeke (or Ezekiel) wants to prove that it wasn’t his dad’s fault, he goes under the wall into the destroyed city and his mother follows him in.

This was an interesting read. I think I’m liking the steampunk genre (if all the steampunk books are like this). It really was nicely written, even though it didn’t make me think “wow, how does she think of these sentences?!”. Priest gave me a very good image of the different characters. And the whole thought of this other Seattle makes me a bit… scared. What will happen when this happens to us?

There was a bit of worldbuilding, but when you start a series that’s logical. You need to know something about the world you’re reading about, and I liked that it told me something about this world. I wouldn’t say that there was a lot of it (Priest could’ve told us more about that, really) but enough to read the books.

Boneshaker got me hooked very fast, I wanted to read every page and read it in a weekend, so I guess that’s pretty fast. I really liked a lot of characters. Minnericht was greatly developed. It was a creepy character. He was the one that could get stuff from the other side of the wall, the one who was the crazy inventor of this one. And the mysterious air around him was perfect.

The characters are so rich in this book, unbelieveable! I either loved a character or hated them. But even when I hated some, I still liked them for the fact that they were so greatly developed. I think Lucy was my favorite of all. She was the strong woman of this novel, with her disabilities she still manages to get through life, and she’s just tough, and sweet, and so much more!!

The book was exciting, sometimes scary and I wouldn’t say greatly written, but the world itself makes this book worth reading, especially when you love steampunk books (I think). I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars on goodreads, because I loved it that much. (:

You can buy it on the bookdepository, if you buy it with this link I will get a small commission to pay for more books (so more reviews). You don’t have to buy it through this link, but I’d be grateful if you do. (:


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