Books I’m scared to read #1

So, there always are books that are on my shelf, but which I’m scared to read. I would love to read them, but maybe there are really bad reviews on them, or it’s a scary read, or it’s just one of those big books that will take a lot of your time. In this short series, I’ll talk about books I’m scared of, and why. One book per post.

I got this book for €3,- in a thrift store and it’s the Dutch version of “House of Leaves”. This book was on my to read list a few years ago, but I didn’t like the plot that much and got it off the list. But when I saw all the really great reviews on booktube and everyone was purchasing it, I had to try it, especially because of the weird scripting in this book. So, the reasons why I want to postpone this read are the following:foto(1)

As you can see on this picture: the book is bigger than  my head! It’s. So. BIG! I love quick reads, so this wil be something to work through, definitely not a book to read in one day… And that’s the whole problem. But with some extra time (summer break!) I will get through this. I can do it!

Next: many people say it’s a creepy read, and somebody on booktube (don’t know who anymore) heard that there was this girl who lent it from a roommate, but got so scared she threw it into that roommate’s room. And she hasn’t finished it yet (I guess). But I guess I won’t have that problem, I won’t be reading it before bed though, just in case.

These are the two main reasons why I just want to postpone reading this. It’ll probably be a hard, but really a fun read. I love it when the books have different formatting than most books, like “people of paper” by Salvador Plascencia with the black boxes and paragraphs facing the other way, or “Tree of codes” by Jonathan Safran Foer, with all the cut-outs. It gives books an extra demension, and if it means I have to read bigger books, I will do it gladly.

It’s very exciting to have this book, and I think I will like it despite the things I listed above.


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