Girls of Riyadh by Rajaa Alsanea

This is about a group of girlfriends who live in Saudi Arabia, and the story is told by one of these girls. The book consists of emails that have been sent to a yahoo group in 2004. These girls struggle with a lot of troubles because of the expectations their families have. Especially when it comes to love. Oh, and by the way: there’s no way of knowing who the girl that writes it is…

The book was fun to read, it was an easy read, and I could say that I read it in 3 days (except for a long pause of half a year). It’s actually the copy of my sister, who brought it with her on our vacation to Greece last year. I’d read all of my books and she’ just finished that one and rated it five stars on Goodreads.

But further on the book: the pace was perfect, and the little comments at the beginning on every email amused me a lot. There were comments of readers that the writer included and commented on and those sure made me laugh sometimes. But all the same: the sad but also beautiful stories of these girls, really: they were great! It was a good insight into the Saudi Arabian society, and that’s interesting to know.

I would definitely recommend this to women who’d like to read about how other women live in Saudi Arabia. But I would also recommend this to anyone else. I got into this book without expectations and it blew my mind. I usually don’t like reading these kinds of books, or books about women’s rights, but this was a refreshing read.

I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.


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