Number9dream by David Mitchell

This is a book that I wanted to read because of all the positive reviews about cloud atlas. But, because “Cloud Atlas” was so popular (and filmed), I wanted to try another book by David Mitchell.. Because I’ve had the experience that every book but the filmed book is crap. And I would’ve wanted to know that in stead of buying a few the writer’s books after reading the really great one and being disappointed. That’s why I got this book for christmas by my sister.

The book revolves aroImageund a 19 y.o. boy named Eiji Miyake, who is on a search for his father in Tokyo. During his visit there, his dreams and reality collide and melt into one truth. There are a lot of thingsĀ  that keep him from meeting his dad, and then he gets hauled into this group of really bad people and well, you’ll have to find out yourself if you want to read the book.

He lives in this “capsule” room above a video store, a cat comes to his room everyday, and there’s a cockroach (I thought) living in a “glue-hotel” made by Eiji himself. Especially at the beginning of the book there are more than one scenario that tell about the same moment, but are totally different. Eiji wants to meet his father’s lawyer, who’s office is in a building named Panopticon. But as he goes through all the different scenarios, it is the question if he just met her or not.

What was disturbing, was that sometimes I didn’t know what was the truth and what was a dream. Mostly I could imagine, because the experiences he got in the dreams were really weird. But still, it was something that I wanted to figure out, but couldn’t. I thought that it had to do with the symbols above every mini chapter, but eventually that didn’t seem right either. Also, at some point the book became a little bit slow, I still wanted to know what would happen, but then again, it was a bit slow.

I loved the writing style, and of course the fact that it was realistic but not really… That’s why I gave the book such a high rating. And the mystery of it all attracted me.

I would definitely buy and read another book by David Mitchell, I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I would’ve given it 5 out of 5, if it weren’t for the slow parts after half of the book.


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